Mossesia hotel offers both single rooms and double rooms. All rooms have loads of space and have of course their own bathroom. All our rooms have both a fridge and a TV making it possbile for you to watch you favourite show while drinking a cold beverage. Each room also has an electric kettle so you have the possibility to enjoy a cup of either tea or coffee in the morning. 

Single rooms

Our single rooms are the most reasonable option for one person. This is a great option for the lone traveller. These rooms come with a view of the train station and Moss city centre which are both just a short walk from the Hotel. The rooms have both an office nook and a television; a perfect combination for those who want to realx but also need to send a couple e-mails.

  • Room for: 1 Person
  • Beds: 1 single bed


 WiFi, TV, Housekeeping, Towles, Fridge, Electric kettle

seng enkeltrom
tort bilde enkeltrom

750 kr

Double room

Our double rooms have a beautiful view of the Port of Moss. All the double rooms have either a sofa or other sitting arrangements. These rooms are equipt with two single beds which can be pulled together or aprat after your preference. Our double rooms are a good option for two travellers either for work travels or for vacationing.

  • Room for: 2 people
  • Beds: 2 single beds


 WiFi, TV, Housekeeping, Towles, Fridge, Electric Kettle.

DSC_4887 (1)

950 kr

Extra bed

For some of our rooms we are able to add an extra bed. This is great for families who want to stay in the same room. If you want an extra bed added to your room please inform us as you book your stay, as we will have to prepare it before your arrival. 

300 kr